The New Sabbath School

We have worked hard to craft the best design and user experience. The new Sabbath School uses the coolest technologies to make sure you have the best experience in your study time.


Apps for the World

The Sabbath School app is available for Android and iOS in 13 languages and growing. If we do not support your language, come! help us make this app accessible in each corner of this World.

Available in

English, Spanish, Bulgarian, German, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Serbian, Persian, Norwegian, Arabic and Malay


One tap away

Don’t want to switch between multiple apps? To make it simple for you the bible verses are tappable, and you can even read in multiple Bible versions.

Available for some languages.

Answers & Highlights


Highlight anything interesting for you, add your answers and comments questions. Relax, everything will be safely synchronized between all your devices, so you don’t lose your answers anymore.