Our Mission

Our mission is to unite Seventh-day Adventist Church, proclaim Good News to this world by means of technology and witness Jesus’ second coming!

We are inspired by the example and methods of Jesus when He ministered here on Earth. Therefore, we are committed to delivering high degree of quality of all our projects at absolutely no cost with love and dedication. We are committed to giving glory to our Father because He is worthy of the highest of praise.

We truly believe that God has increased the knowledge of the modern world and wants us to use it for His glory to proclaim His soon return!


We believe in full transparency. With this in mind, we have adopted Open Source by Default strategy, that is, our projects are Open Source licensed under MIT license.

We welcome your contributions. If you are interested, or just simply want to see how we do things, check out our GitHub organization.

Our Team

Adventech is a volunteer-based movement. Our contributors live all around the world and we work for Adventech in our spare time. Please keep us in your prayers.


Vitaliy Lim

Founder & Developer


Heberti Almeida

Designer & Developer


Carlos Lopez

Language Contributor



Language Contributor & Developer


Rencana Tarigan

Language Contributor & Developer


Alma Bosnić

Language Contributor


Jared Martin

Language Contributor


Rebeca Ferreira